Машиностроение и техносфера XXI века

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Donetsk National Technical University and a number of leading companies of DPR, LPR, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland and other countries will host the XXIX international science and engineering conference

       "Machine-Building and Technosphere of the XXI Century "

       taking place in the city of Sevastopol on September 11-17 th 2023.

       The aim of the conference is to exchange the science and engineering information, define new engineering and technologies development and creation forwardlooking ways, develop joint research programmes, establish business contacts and commercial links in this area.

       It was last year that scientists and leading specialists from the DPR, LPR, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbayjan, Armenya, Turkmenistan, Poland, Romania, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, and other countries took part at the conference. That promoted the development of promising links and establishment of the Machine-Builders International Union.
       The work of the conference under discussion will be aimed to consolidate scientists, leading experts, managers of the industrial companies in order to promote the process of machine-building and technospher further development under the economics which is being globally changed. The Machine-Builders International Union (MIU) conference will be organized in the frames of the event. Any person willing to enter the MIU and represent it in his or her own country or region is encouraged to become the MIU member in Sevastopol.
       The Organizing Committee proposes you to take part at the conference and instruct your institution's specialists to deliver reports or read communications.
Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, and German are the official languages of the conference.

  Information letter.

       To become the conference participant and for your paper to be included into the Conference Programme, and for the proceedings to be published on time you should send the following:

the application form;
the advertisement texts in two copies;
       The deadline is May 20th 2023.